Adventures in Deeton

Session 1


Player Characters

  • Malrick lv. 1 Monk (Michael)
  • Loomis Spellcrafter lv. 1 Warlock (Sam)
  • Leonard lv. 1 Sorceror (Wilmar)
  • Ebon lv. 1 Fighter (Andrew)
  • Llewelyn lv. 1 Druid (Ralph)

Non-Player Characters

  • Unnamed Bartender/Council Member
  • Sammy
  • Meredith
  • Pip
  • Unnamed Priest of Pelor/Council Member
  • Toby
  • Marty
  • Unnamed Wizard


  • Animated Skeletons



Malrick, Loomis Spellcrafter, Leonard, Ebon, and Llewelyn are all in the bar at the inn in Deeton during the late fall. At this point in the season the travelers and merchants are all gone, leaving just these adventurers at the inn. Lumas buys the group dinner as they go around introduce themselves.

Sammy bursts into the inn and nearly faints. He’s covered in scars and suffering from shock. He explains that he, Meredith, and two other men from the town had gone to the abbey to deliver the annual tributes to the gods. They were attacked by creatures that they couldn’t identify. Meredith ran away and the other two men were killed.

The bartender, Meredith’s uncle, offers the adventurers 10gp each to rescue her. He supplies them with healing potions and a cart to get to there. Pip takes the reigns of the cart and leads the adventurers on to the abbey.

The group reaches the abbey after about 3 1/2 hours of travel. Pip stays with the cart while the adventurer’s get out to explore. The graveyard has clearly not been cared for in years. Before reaching the abbey, a group of re-animated skeletons came out and attacked the group.

After defeating the skeletons the party entered the abbey through a door that had been left ajar. More skeletons were inside, and were dispatched by the group. After searching through the single-roomed building, the adventurer’s found a mysterious ring that changed sizes to fit the wearer, and a metal hatch with a keyhole lock. Unable to find a key, the group left the abbey to search for Meredith. They soon found her, wounded and nearly unconscious. Using one of the healing potions, she was brought back to perfect health. The party traveled back to Deeton, having finished their quest.

The group receives a hero’s welcome as they return to town with Meredith in tact. Each adventurer is given a purse of 20g and treated to a round of ale. The townspeople are horrified as Loomis reveals that he brought back a souvenir, a severed hand of one of the skeletons. As they recount the story, the townspeople are amazed to find that they entered the abbey, because it had been sealed with powerful magic many years ago.

After spending a day relaxing and shopping for equipment while being followed by admirers, the party meets with the bartender and a priest of Pelor, both members of the town council, to discuss what happened at the graveyard. The group eventually convinces the council that the source of the skeletons poses a threat to the town and the bartender arranges for a small reward for the party to go search the area and possibly remove the threat. The priest eventually relinquishes the key to the hatch in the Abbey. Loomis finds a traveling wizard who reveals the true nature of the mysterious ring. It is a +2 ring of natural defense. The group decides to draw lots on who gets the ring, and it is awarded to Loomis.

Treasure and Rewards

  • 20 gp to each character
  • 1,000 EXP each
  • +2 Ring of Natural Defense (Loomis)



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