Adventures in Deeton

Session 2


Player Characters

  • Malrick lv. 2 Monk (Michael)
  • Llewelyn lv. 2 Druid (Ralph)
  • Glory lv. 2 Psion (Shaun)
  • Lenard lv. 2 Sorceror (Wilmar)
  • Loomis lv. 2 Warlock (Sam)
  • Ebon lv. 2 Fighter (Andrew)

Non-Player Characters

  • Pip
  • Priest of Pelor


  • Kobolds
  • Bugbears
  • Necromancer Kobold



Picking up right where the last session left off, the party is trying to convince the Priest of Pelor that they wish to enter the Abbey to stem the tide of undead, and not just plunder whatever treasure may be there.

After a few unsuccessful attempts at offering forms of collateral the priest decides to send someone that he trusts implicitly to join the group and make sure they stay true to the task at hand. The party is briefly introduced to its newest member, Glory. She had reached Deeton injured some time ago, and stayed with the Priest while he tended to her wounds. The Priest leaves the key, as well as two potions of healing, with Glory, and the party joins Pip at the cart to head to the Abbey.

The party reached the Abbey and had no problem opening the hatch leading to the lower level. Before climbing down, Glory took a moment to meditate. Walking down the hallway in the lower level the party heard the sound of something running, as an arrow narrowly misses the group. Using a Light spell, Llewelyn revealed the creature to be a Kobold. The wolf dispatched the creature and the party ventured further in. Upon inspection, a silver dagger with prayers to Pelor inscribed on it was found on the corpse of the kobold.

They entered a main room containing two altars and one door each on the left and right walls of the room. Loomis picked up a blood stained dagger on one of the altars, and began working on a homemade bomb consisting of a bottle of oil, a wick made from the late kobold’s crossbow string, and encased in the kobold’s severed head. The group began work on opening the door to their right.

While Malrick worked on opening the door, Glory used her powers to find that the room held a large group of kobolds. The party fought and defeated the group of kobolds. During the fight, the door on the other side of the room opened, revealing a kobold in dark robes and two bugbears. The group fought and defeated the bugbears and kobold, who was found to be using necromantic powers. The kobold had been holding a book that, while no one could decipher the specific text, the book clearly contained evil spells. Loomis held on to the book for the time being.

The newly opened room had two points of interest. In one corner was a tomb holding “The Greatest Hero of Deeton”. The lid of the tomb had several cracks in it, making it appear that the kobold and bugbears had tried to open it, but failed. The group opened the tomb, to find the deteriorated corpse of the Hero of Deeton. Everything in the tomb had nearly turned to dust, showing the hundreds of years of aging since it had been closed. The only item that seemed unaffected by time was the hero’s breastplate. The incredible piece of armor shone almost unnaturally bright. The heroes decided to leave the breastplate, for fear of disturbing the dead and invoking some kind of curses. Loomis took this a step further, by taking the skull so it could be blessed by the priest of pelor and returned to the tomb. The other notable part of the room was a large crack in the wall leading to a cavern of some kind. It appeared that the kobolds and bugbears came in through this crack.

At this point, the adventurers decided to leave the tomb and return to Deeton so they could rest and recuperate from this latest excursion. After returning and having their wounds tended to, the group spoke to the local priest. He blessed the Skull of the Hero of Deeton and asked a group to look for an obsidian statue of a horse bearing the name Adrius. Loomis offered the book they had found to the priest to see what it held. The priest, wanting no part of the dark magic, threw the book into the fire.

After spending a night in town the group ventures out again. Pip tells the party about a place called The Witch’s Hole, that all children are told to avoid. The party decides to investigate. Going into the cave, it becomes clear that it was at one point being used as a mine shaft. As the group descended further Glory decided to go back to the surface to join Pip. The group finds a room filled with bedding and barrels of water, likely used by bugbears. They later find a room with a crack in the wall large enough for people to pass through it, and decide to investigate.

Treasure and Rewards

  • 475 Experience Points Each
  • Silver Dagger of Pelor (Llewelyn)



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